Click here for a pdf of the Nitrate Testing Records Fillable Form.


Month/ Year:

Directions: Date should indicate initial date of testing. For multiple testing, please indicate somewhere on form.
For the “Nitrate Quiktest Result”, if sample tested indicated high nitrates, please mark “Y”. If sample did not change appropriate color, please indicate with an “N”.

For the “Nitrate Strip Test Result”, if completed, please indicate which range the sample tested at with an “X” under the appropriate Nitrate Range.

If the sample was sent to the lab, please indicate the quantitative result in the “Lab Analysis Result” column.


Date Species Variety Maturity Acres Represented

Nitrate Quicktest Reuslt


Nitrate Strip Test Result (ppm NO3) Laba Analysis Result



      <1500 1500-5000 5000-10,000 >10,000 (ppm NO3)