Assistant Professor, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist 
Department of Animal & Range Sciences 
USDA-ARS Ft. Keogh
243 Fort Keogh Road
Miles City, MT 59301
Office: (406) 874-8286
Cell: (701) 928-1096
Fax: (406) 874-8289



B.S.  Purdue University, Animal Science
M.S.  Purdue University, Ruminant Nutrition
Ph.D.  North Dakota State University, Ruminant Nutrition
Post-Doctoral Associate, Iowa State University, Extension and Ruminant Nutrition

Extension Program Interests

  • Beef cattle nutrition
  • Beef Reproduction
  • Management strategies

Research Interests

  • Supplementation strategies during gestation and effects on heifer and steer development and performance
  • Weaning management strategies
  • Bull development strategies
  • Mineral supplementation to grazing cattle

Recent Publications

  • Stokes, R. S., M. L. Van Emon, D. D. Loy, and S. L. Hansen.  2015.  Assessment of algae meal as a ruminant feedstuff: Nutrient digestibility in sheep as a model species.  J. Anim. Sci.  In press.
  • Van Emon, M. L., D. D. Loy, and S. L. Hansen.  2015.  Determining the preference, in vitro digestibility, in situ disappearance, and grower period performance of steers fed a novel algae meal derived from heterotrophic microalgae.  J. Anim. Sci.  93:3121-3129.
  • Camacho, L. E., C. O. Lemley, M. L. Van Emon, J. S. Caton, K. C. Swanson, and K. A. Vonnahme.  2014.  Effects of maternal nutrient restriction followed by realimentation during early and mid-gestation on beef cows.  I.  Maternal performance and organ weights at different stages of gestation.  J. Anim. Sci.  92:520-529.
  • Van Emon, M. L.,C. S. Schauer, S. R. Eckerman, K. R. Maddock Carlin, and K. A. Vonnahme.  2014.  Supplementing metabolizable protein to ewes during late gestation:  II.  Effects on ewe lamb performance and reproductive efficiency.  J. Anim. Sci.  93:1332-1339.
  • Gunn, P. J., D. R. Buckmaster, R. P. Lemenager, M. L. Van Emon, M. C. Claeys, and S. L. Lake.  2013.  Preservation characteristics of modified wet distillers grains with solubles stored with marginal-quality feedstuffs in laboratory-scale mini silos.  Prof. Anim. Sci.  29:671-676.
  • Van Emon, M. L., A. F. Musselman, P. J. Gunn, M. K. Neary, R. P. Lemenager, E. J. Scholljegerdes, and S. L. Lake.  2014.  Effects of added dietary protein and fat on subcutaneous adipose tissue of finsishing lambs when fed differing levels of dried distiller’s grains with solubles.  Sheep & Goat Res. J.  (Submitted)