Fertilizing Dryland Grass   PDF
Irrigated Pastures: Species Selection, Seeding Techniques and Management of Irrigated Pastures in Montana and Wyoming   PDF
Fertilizer Guidelines for Montana Crops HTML PDF
Fertilizing Grasses and Mixed Stands   PDF
Fertilizing Dryland Grass   PDF
5-year Response of Dryland Forages to N, P, K and S   PDF
Caution on Grazing Drought-stressed Grain Crops   PDF
Dryland Pastures in Montana and Wyoming (EB019)   PDF
"Harvest Your Options": Fall Grazing Options for Poor Haying Conditions and Late Crops HTML  
Souped-up Annual Forages for Fall Grazing HTML  
Grasses   PDF
Legumes   PDF
Shrubs or Browse    
Growing Millet in Montana   PDF
2003 Nitrate Concentration of Cereal Forage Species at Three Stages of Maturity    
Nitrate Toxicity of Montana Forages HTML PDF
Nitrate Poisoning of Livestock HTML  
Rehabilitation of Weed-Infested Rangeland    
Revegetating Weed-Infested Rangeland with a Single Field Entry   PDF
Sainfoin   PDF