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Two ground squirrels

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prevention and control of wildlife damage

Table of Contents

1. Basics of Wildlife Damage Control (24:05) 
2. Ground Squirrels (43:33) 
3. Pocket Gophers (17:43) 
4. Prairie Dogs (8:49) 
5. Voles (14:41) 
6. Skunks (12:36) 
7. Bats (13:22) 
8. Deer (15:57) 
9. Snakes (9:48) 
10. Birds (17:39) 
11. Woodchucks (9:33) 
12. Beaver (7:27) 

An excellent source of information on Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage can be found on the eXtension website
Wildlife Species Information


Jim Knight Dr. Jim Knight (retired September 2014) Extension Wildlife Specialist