The 2016-2017 Ram Testing Consignment is underway at the Fort Ellis Research Farm. We have over 50 rams from 12 consigners. With our newly engineered fleece corer for clean yield analysis, and ultrasound probe to measure loin-eye area, in addition to depth, we look forward to evaluating this crop of rams.

October 14, 2016 - Rams sheared on to test, first weigh date and vaccinations
November 11, 2016 - Second weigh date
December 9, 2016 - Third weigh date
January 6, 2017 - Fourth weigh date
February 3, 2017 - Final weigh date, shear off test and ultrasound
February 12, 2017 -Ram Test Educational Field Day and ram pickup


Ram Test Data 11-14-2016

Ram Test Data 12-9-2016

Ram Test Data 1-6-2017

Ram Test Final Data 2-3-2017

Ram Test Wool Data 2-6-2017


Sheep in pen closeup