This website provides online training for the Nitrate QuikTest.

The Nitrate QuikTest is administered by the MSU Extension Service. IT MUST BE USED BY CERTIFIED, TRAINED INDIVIDUALS in Montana. Training materials for the appropriate use and safety of the Nitrate QuikTest kits are available from the MSU Extension Service Forage Specialist. Certification is achieved by an biannual proficiency examination, and the Forage Specialist will maintain a list of certified individuals each calendar year.

First Time Applying 

Step 1:  Take the pre-test.
Step 2:  Review the study materials.
Step 3:  Take the certification test.

Study Materials

Recertification - MUST recertify each calendar year. 

Step 1: Take the recertification test. 



Dr. Emily Meccage

For information on the Forage Extension Program, please contact Dr. Emily Meccage at 406-994-5688 or

Dr. Emily Meccage
Forage Extension Specialist