Rachel Endecott

Rachel Endecott grew up on a family cow-calf operation near Ennis, MT, and remains an integral part of the operation today. She received her BS in Animal Science from Montana State University and her MS and PhD in Ruminant Nutrition from New Mexico State University. She has been the MSU Extension Beef Cattle Specialist since November 2006. Rachel was located in Miles City for 5 and a half years, and moved her program to the MSU campus in July 2012. She received the 2012 Extension Award from the Western Section, American Society of Animal Science.

Extension program efforts include beef cattle nutrition, reproduction, and management, as well as youth programs in livestock quality assurance and beef cattle feeding, selection, and carcass evaluation. Rachel works with a committee of the Montana Feed Association to put on the annual Montana Nutrition Conference and Livestock Forum and serves as the MSU Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leader.

Rachel's research interests include feeding and management strategies to reduce dependence on harvested feeds, heifer development strategies, and nutrition-reproduction interactions.

Rachel teaches ANSC 434 - Beef Cattle Management and advises the Collegiate Stockgrowers at MSU and the Academic Quadrathlon team.


Recent Publications:

  • Endecott, R. L., R. N. Funston, J. T. Mulliniks, and A. J. Roberts. 2013. Implications of beef heifer development systems and lifetime productivity. J. Anim. Sci. 91:1329-1335.
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