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Beef/Cattle Extension Program

Cattle Nutrition

Early Weaning: An Alternative Management Strategy HTML PDF
How Does Nutrition Influence Reproduction of the Range Cow? HTML PDF
Alternative winter nutritional management strategies — Part 1 HTML PDF
What are the effects of calf health on feedlot profitability? HTML  
Management of the Cow Herd: Survey Responses of the Montana and U.S. Rancher HTML  
Supplementing cattle on dormant pastures during the fall and winter HTML PDF
Producers Should Monitor Cattle Supplement Intake HTML  
Supplementing Winter Rations with Grain: good or bad nutrition strategy? HTML PDF
Supplement Timing May Let Cattle Producers Get More for Less HTML  
Some Cattle Feed Supplements Reduce Forage Intake and Digestibility HTML  
Effects of high starch vs. high fiber supplements on carcass characteristics of early-weaned calves HTML PDF
Nutrient Specifications for the MSU Weaning Supplement HTML  
Nutrition Sources
The Effect of Degradable and Metabolized Protein Supply on Performance of First Calf Heifers HTML  
Can Corn Replace Hay for Wintering Cows? HTML PDF
How Can I Use Barley in Diets for Beef Cows? HTML  
Feeding Winter Wheat to Cows and Calves HTML PDF
Interpreting a forage analysis summary HTML  
Forage Quality Influences Beef Cow Performance and Reproduction HTML PDF
Nitrate Poisoning of Livestock HTML PDF
Minerals and Vitamins    
Don’t let mineral/vitamin deficiencies silently steal your profits HTML PDF
Trace minerals part 1: The need for copper and zinc supplementation in Montana. HTML PDF
Trace minerals part 2: The need for trace minerals. HTML PDF
Trace minerals part 3: The impact of trace minerals on utilization and reproduction. HTML PDF
Trace minerals part 5: How did we discover that trace minerals were necessary for livestock? HTML  
The Absorption of Copper and Zinc by Cattle Consuming Diets Containing the Antagonists Molybdenum, Sulfur, and Iron HTML  
Life Cycle Trace Mineral Needs for Reducing Stress in Beef Production HTML PDF
Nutrition Conferences    
2002 Nutrition Conference — Research Results HTML PDF
2002 Nutrition Conference — Proceedings   PDF
2005 Nutrition Conference — Proceedings and Slide Presentations
2006 Nutrition Conference Video of Presentations
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Beef/Cattle Topics

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Dr. John Paterson, Extension Beef/Cattle Specialist
Tel: 406-994-5562

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Dr. Rachel Endecott, Extension Beef/Cattle Specialist
Tel: 406-874-8286

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